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Baobabs at sunset

Unauthorised use of pictures of Décophilie is prohibited.

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Bitmap drawing

Willing to know how I draw the bitmap pictures in "Décophilie"? Here is a step by step presentation.

First, I open the microsoft windows programme called "paint". Next, I set the picture's length and width, then I use the pencil to start with. One must know how to use the mouse in order to get the desired shape.

I often use the "cancel" command in the Edition menu to erase a "mistake", but there is also a rubber in the drawing toolbox. I use the Color menu for the choice of the colors I want to use. When I am done, I save the bitmap picture as a jpg file as the blog requires the jpg file type.




Pochoir de fosa

   Le fosa est une des faunes endémiques de Madagascar qui se sont raréfiées à cause de la chasse.



faune endémique,madagascar